A bit about us…

UrbanHounds was set up by Kate McPhie
and Amanda Heaton-Watson.

Both are passionate dog owners who have
grown up with a variety of different breeds and want to
encourage responsible pet ownership.

Kate is currently studying for a Diploma in
Advanced Canine Care.  She owns Barney, the original
Urban (Basset) Hound! Barney enjoys a laid back lifestyle,
making himself at home wherever he goes!

Amanda owns Harvey, a long haired Jack
Russell who loves racing round the park with his ball and
swimming in Richmond Park.

Both Kate and Amanda share the same goal
to deliver the ultimate in good

Nikki took over UrbanHounds in 2009 after Amanda started a family and has been running the business ever since.

Nikki began her career in animal care with a 6 week intensive training course based on cat and dog grooming, her love for animals led her to become the manager of a luxury boutique and spa for our four-legged friends in London.

Nikki’s goal is to continue delivering the ultimate in good service and to make sure that all the dogs are consistently happy and healthy in her care.




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