Dog Walking – happy hounds love socialising with other dogs

Whether it’s an occasional or regular walk we’ll come and collect your dog from home and take it to a suitable area where it can romp and play, or simply mooch about and socialise with other dogs – on or off the lead it’s up to you.

The dogs are walked in small packs (UrbanHounds are insured to walk 6 dogs off leash at any one time) and we make sure your dog is matched with like minded pooch pals and taken to suitable surroundings.

Remember this is a tailored service – we are flexible to your needs.

Home Visits – we’ll happily play with your dogs and cats on each visit

Although we’d like to be able to take our dogs everywhere with us – it’s just not possible: on holiday, to an important meeting, at a wedding or a day at the races. Our home visiting service means your dog isn’t lonely during the day and can be let out before bedtime.

Each visit includes walking, feeding, providing fresh water and love and attention.

In addition we can look after your house, turn the lights on and off and open or shut the curtains.

Dog Boarding – UrbanHounds offer a home from home service

As you start to plan your next holiday, don’t forget it`s time to think of your dog`s next holiday too…

Your dog will be boarded with no more than 2 – 3 other dogs. Your pet will be in safe and loving hands while you are away. Boarding is also available for those customers who travel for business.

Vet Visits – poorly pooch or annual jabs, no need to worry, give us a call

We try our best to make sure our dogs lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible but, just like us, dogs are prone to illnesses and other hereditary health problems – it’s just a fact of life.

We can represent you at your local vet and will endeavour to be available in an emergency. Clients will be provided with a report of the vet’s instructions, if required.

Pet Taxi – taking your pooch from A to B

A trip to the groomers, off to the kennels or a swim in one of the nearby pooch pools (yes they do exist!) – we provide a pet taxi service for your convenience.

UrbanHounds Essentials – if you’re just ‘Too busy to…’

Whether it’s pet supplies or fresh milk, bread or a bunch of flowers to welcome you home, or even waiting in for the emergency plumber – give us a call and we will do our best to help.

It’s just another way to make your life easier.

Dog and Cat

Image by: Lily Rosen

Brown dog sitting down

Image by: Ciaran Cosgrave

If you have any questions please contact:

07737 622479